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This site is dedicated to perserving the American Trenton strain and it's history of long distance racing ability.

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If you have Trentons and would like to be added to the breeders list please send  your contact information to:
EMAIL: loftonedesign@gmail.com

 The American Trenton Breeders Club
Dues $10.00

ATB American Trenton Breeder bands
Bands .35 each

Jerry Johnson
7316 Lake Rd
Hicksville, OH 43526
(419) 439 - 6930

UPDATED June 23, 2018

You are invited to contribute information
 to this site contact:
EMAIL: loftonedesign@gmail.com

Featured Articles

The "History of the Oshaben Trentons" was written by Ed Oshaben and submitted by Chuck & Ginny Oshaben.
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The "History of the Harry Elston Strain of Trentons" submitted by Ron Goebel
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Fort Wayne Homing Club and The Australian Connection.
By Daniel Pianto
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