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This site is dedicated to perserving the American Trenton strain and it's history of long distance racing ability.
  Long Distance Racing

Current Race Results updated nov 21, 2015

Kire & Ailata Loft
Erik Gunstron, flying under the banner of Kire & Ailata Loft, at the Yukon Club and the Inner State Racing Pigeon Combine, flew a bird that I bred this year. (2015) This bird was a Trenton and Glassbrenner cross. The Glassbrenners are an old time Pittsburgh Strain that has a lot of Trenton in them.  I have the only breeding loft of Glassbrenners left. One cannot see the difference between them in my Loft.
This bird, 11822 foy 15 Dark Check Splash cock 1st club and 1st combine on a 133 mile young bird race.
His speed was 1523.99, beating the 2nd bird in the Yukon club by 295.77 yards per minute!
He beat the 2nd bird in the Innerstate Racing Pigeon Combine by over 100 ypm!
This was Erik's 2nd year flying birds, and when he started , the old timers told him the Trentons were too slow to keep up.
Ron Goebel
Glen Eden Loft

Gary Potts submitted the following:
I'm very proud of my Hopkins Trentons. Two weeks ago one of my red slate Trentons  IF 15 ATB 605  won 2nd place Lexington, KY. Racing Pigeon Club 118 mile race. 1202 Y.P.M.605 is 100% Billy Hopkins / Otto Meyer based Trenton.

Fell Loft 2014

!st young bird race
The first place winner was out of his Almond cock, 1st place winner from last year.
2nd place was one of my old time "Glassbrenners--3rd, another Trenton

Report submitted by: Ron Goebel

Fell Loft 2013
I was a junior in high school when I decided I wanted to start racing pigeons. I got the idea while surfing the internet one day and I immediately fell in love. I was able to talk my dad into lending me and old corncrib to keep the birds in. My first birds were from a local fancier who breed mainly for color. My dad and I were instantly hooked. We started researching old breeds of pigeons and came across Laurie Oshaben and the Trentons. We made the trip out to Ohio and purchased our very first Trentons. Inbreeding was something we were weary of so we located another Trenton breeder, Ron Goebel, and purchased some more of these magnificent birds.

The first breeding season was very novice-like to say the least. Our plan was to cross the Oshaben Trentons on the Elston Trentons from Mr. Goebel. The original birds from the local fancier were to be used to parent Trentons. My dad and I got off to a very late start, not getting our first egg till mid-late March. Our first round only threw us four babies. As the season went on however, we began to get the hang of it and finished with thirty-two Trenton babies. As rough as our first breeding season was, without the advice and guidance of Ron Goebel, it would have been disastrous.

     The first thing I noticed about the Trentons was how bad they wanted to fly. The birds would leave the loft and trip for hours. At this point, we looked into joining a club and found the Connellsville Racing Pigeon Club. Our expectations were not very high as we knew the Trentons were not breed to race such short distances. We tried our luck anyways and were shocked when we took
first, second, and third in the first 100 mile race. These birds were much younger than those of other members, but they had heart. We made appearances regularly in the top ten throughout the rest of the season. The birds showed that they could still compete in the young bird races. We are excited to see how they do next year when the distances are greater.

Grizzle hen placed 9th @ 150 miles
2013 Youngbird race series

Almond cock 1st @ 100 miles

2013 Youngbird race series

Fell Loft
 Uniontown, Pa.

This summer we constructed a large racing loft and also added some new blood and breeds to our lofts. We have a few tricks up our sleeves for this year and are very eager to see how the racing season goes. Although I am three hours away at college, my dad and I talk about the pigeons regularly. He is the one in charge, yet he still makes me make all the decisions. I get a lot of credit and acknowledgment for my birds, but none of this would be possible without my dad. Everything that has been accomplished this far was a joint effort. These are not my birds, they are ours. We are partners.

Black & White Mottle cock
placed 4th @ 100 mles
8th @ 150 miles
2013 Youngbird race series

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